video transfer and audio solutions for horizon video

Video Transfers and Audio Solutions

DVD Replication

Old VHS tapes deteriorating in the loft? Memories captured on a old format?

Why not rescue them and get them transferred to DVD and relive them in stunning quality which will last forever!


Ordering and Prices

VHS (Up to 2 Hours) £20.00
Camera Tape (Up to 2 Hours)(All Formats Accepted) £20.00
Camera SD Card To Be Quoted
Older Formats (Up to 2 Hours)(Most Formats Accepted) £15.00
Additional copies (per copy) £10.00

Cine Film Transfers

Cine Film Transfers

Sparkling digital transfers to DVD from Super 8 – Standard 8 – 16mm – 9.5mm films. Silent or sound.

We make every effort to maintain & enhance the original quality to give you the best possible results.

Each cine film is created as a separate title on the DVD. Normally people have written a description on the cine packaging to remind them of the contents – we take this text as the basis for the title.

Ordering and Prices

Minimum Charge £20.00
50ft (3″ Reel) £6.99
200ft (5″ Reel) £17.99
400ft (8″ Reel) £24.99
Additional copies (per copy) £10.00


Please call to discuss your requirements before sending any of your cine films.

Audio Solutions

Prices from £25 per disc.
* Audio Services – Have your vinyl recordings/Albums burnt to CD
* LP can be digital processed deleting scratches and hisses
* Any audio format can be digitally formatted to CD
* Reel to reel and cassette tapes burnt to CD


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