DVD Replication

DVD Replication

DVD Authoring Package Available

100% customisable. You can select how many menus you require along with the number of chapter points. You can determine where the chapter points are to be inserted. Plus you will have scene selection which will be determined by your chapter points.

What you will get for the standard authoring package.

* Up to 120 minutes of video, digitally mastered onto a DVD disk.
* Customised menu pages.
* Chapter points at the locations of your choosing
* Comes complete with a DVD library case & sleeve and onface inkjet printing.
* Master Disc up to 120 minutes £45

DVD Duplication (Without Authoring Package)

DVD Playback note

We use the best quality discs available, Panasonic, Verbatim in whom we place great trust. They leave our studio fully tested and playable, however, we are aware that certain DVD players have lasers with inadequate outputs for use with recordable DVDs (DVD-R). The occourance of this is extremly low but if problems do occur please consult your DVD player instructino manual for the classification of being able to play back DVD-R discs.

DVD Duplication (Without Authoring Package)

The following prices include: Inkjet printing and/or thermal print in full colour on DVD Face, PLUS Screen finished lacquer for protection.

* 1 @ £10.00 each
* 10 @ £3.00 each
* 50 @ £2.00 each

All prices plus VAT
Contact us for a personal quote.
A single DVD will take up to 2 hours of video and are on high quality DVD-R Discs.
We can transfer anything onto DVD

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